Screenplay Synopsis

The Baker of Quaregnon, An original Screenplay©

    Based on True Historical Events ( Realistic Fiction)

Anna Ruth Brown, Sheryl Needle Cohn, & Barry Chase

US COPYRIGHT OFFICE NO.  1-5772487231  © 08-30-17


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Author Intent: Baker of Quaregnon the Screenplay is a full-length feature film. It can also be viewed as a film for TV, a stage drama, or segmented into a TV Series. The genre is realistic historical fiction. Additionally, there are eight other nonfiction worldwide family stories from the Holocaust in my book.  Please contact my agent to brainstorm interested options. Sheryl

Film, Stage, TV                      The Baker of Quaregnon ©             

Genre:  Realistic / Historical Fiction

Logline: Valerie the diminutive Baker of Quaregnon, bravely hides Jewish children in flour sacks in her bakery attic. Under darkness of night, Social Workers & Nuns go to Valerie’s bakery to get the hidden children & deliver them to safe houses. The Belgium royal family tension between the Queen Mother and her Nazi sympathizer son has a Downton Abbey feel. Strong Women of the Belgium resistance are highlighted. Three prominent female roles for Baker, head Nun, & social worker. Two main romantic male leads, each on opposing sides of Hitler’s war.

Time span: WWI through WWII Nazi occupation of Belgium to 1990’s finale.

Plots:  1. Raid on a countryside Monastery challenges the strength of the Mother Superior.            2. Nazi resistor Victor Lete is trapped on a train heading from Quaregnon, Belgium to the French border. He is carrying a satchel of loaves of bread & falsified documents, including a Visa seal document stamp. Nazis with attack dogs stop & board the train. The Loaves of Bread become the Loaves of Life. 3. WW I Love story of royal Belgium family member & wounded soldier is pervasive throughout & into Nazi WW II occupation. Resistance versus Nazi sympathizers!  

Sauver un enfant c’est sauver toute L’humanite!

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